HF400Ys1 (WEDM-MS)

Product Description

Technical Parameters / HF400Ys1 (WEDM-MS)

  • Worktable Size: 820×568mm
  • Worktable Stroke: 450×550mm
  • Maximum Cutting Thickness: 300mm (Special custom products)
  • Taper stroke (U, V): ± 25mm
  • Accuracy of Cutting OctagonWorkpiece: ≤±0.005mm(prism)
  • Optimum Roughness(prism): multiple-cut Ra≤1.0um 50mm2/min
  • Using our company's “Thermal Cycle Pump” patented technology for heat dissipation
  • Actual Maximum Cutting Efficiency: ≥180mm2/min (continuous cutting area over 500,000mm2)
  • Electrode Wire Loss: ≤0.01mm (when the continuous cutting area is up to 400,000mm2 at a speed of 110mm2/min)
  • Wire Speed: adjusted by program
  • Maximum Electrode Wire Diameter: ≤0.25mm
  • Net Weight: 1800kg
  • Maximum Load Weight: 1200kg
  • Outer Diameter Size of Machine Tool: 1650×1610×1700mm
  • Power Consumption of Machine Tool: ≤0.8kw


Due to technical improvement, if any of the above data is changed, the product technical documents shall prevail.


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