G19x Type electric control cabinet

Product Description

G19x Using our company's “Thermal Cycle Pump” patented technology for heat dissipation,Patent: No: ZL201220694371.0


•X8 automatic programming and control system 
•Low wire wear controlled by pulse waveform
•From the graphical interface directly into the processing interface,with multiple cutting functions
•Control methods are compatible with international standard ISO codes and accept other CAD codes
•Processing trajectory can be displayed in real time
•Cut taper and top and bottom shaped workpiece with 4-axis linkage
•Power interruption and broken wire protection measures
•Stop the machine tool when machining ends, There are two modes of manual and automatic shutdown
•Stop automatically on the side of the wire tube when machining ends
•Frequency changer configuration, adjust the wire speed during processing and replace the wire electrode at the lower wire speed(instead of manual operation)
•Adopt advanced resistance-free stepper motor drive circuit, Stable and energy-saving
•Simple structure, integrate strong and weak electricity(including machine tool appliances)
•“Thermal Cycle Pump” technology for automatic cooling



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